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3D printing technology is developed on the basis of modern CAD/CAM technology, laser technology, computer numerical control technology, precision servo drive technology and new material technology. The basic principle of rapid prototyping technology is to slice the three-dimensional data model in the computer, to obtain the contour data of each layer cross section. Based on it, the computer controls the laser (or nozzle) to sinter the powder material layer by layer selectively. (or curing a layer of liquid photosensitive resin, or cutting a layer of sheet material, or spraying a layer of hot melt material or adhesive) to form a series of sheets with a small thickness The shape of the entity, which is then integrated into layers by means of sintering, polymerization, bonding, etc. Then is can be used to manufacture new samples, models or molds. 

EnvisionTEC offers 3D printed machines and photocurable liquid materials as well. Based on these prototypes and parts, through direct digital manufacturing and additive manufacturing processes, we can generate a conceptual model of the product for manufacturing within several hours. Based on 3D printing technology, we provide accurate ,highly precise and cost-effective products to customers. During this process, there are no need to invest the expensive molds, change settings, replace for many times, nor to extend the delivery time.

Suzhou Senhear Customized Electronic Technology Co., ltd introduces the advanced three-dimensional rapid prototyping machine (3D printer) from EnvisionTEC of Germany, and pre-prints 1:1 of various design products to present the design details perfectly, Then you can see the designed products are close to the final ones. This machine is the best choice for companies in design and manufacturing industry.

Accuracy: 0.025mm-0.05mm.

Size: 105*85*100mm.

Model material: photosensitive resin

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