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EnvisionTEC and SOMOS Work Together to Develop Better 3D Printed Materials

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 It is very important for 3D printing technology that only good materials can make good products. In order to gain more market share, many related companies around the world are researching and developing actively, including EnvisionTEC, the well-known 3D printer manufacturer and SOMOS, the world's leading developer of 3D printing materials. According to Nanjixiong, China's first interactive media platform for 3D printing, the two companies announced that they will cooperate to develop better 3D printing materials jointly.


Founded in 2002, EnvisionTEC is the world's leading manufacturer of digital light processing (DLP) 3D printers with headquarters in Gladbeck, Germany, and Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

“SOMOS has been producing cutting-edge 3D printing materials,” said John Hartner, COO of EnvisionTEC. “This collaboration will increase the possibility of manufacturing large industrial components of superior quality undoubtedly.”


As the world's leading developer of 3D printing materials, SOMOS is actually a subsidiary of DSM in the United States. For the past 25 years, the company has been developing resin materials. So far, they have launched 15 different kinds of resin materials, which are widely used in many aspects such as the automotive industry and injection molding.

“We are very excited to work with EnvisionTEC,” said Melissa Lutz, SOMOS's business director. “Their new 3D printers 3SP are two to three times faster in producing parts than other devices on the market today. We are eager to develop high-performance materials as soon as possible, so that their equipment can be applied to new industry."


Obviously, this will be a win-win cooperation, because the two companies can not only upgrade and develop their own expertise, but also can cooperate to develop new applications, and can also develop super materials, with better heat resistance, durability, higher resolution, as well as stability.

If the new materials are finally developed, it will not only benefit for the global 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals, but the position of the two companies in the 3D printing market will be further consolidated and strengthened. So when will this happen, it remains to be seen!

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