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Senhear to be the General Agent of EnvisionTEC Products


EnvisionTEC absorbs a strong development team of mechanical, electrical and optical engineers.Adopting German DLP printing technology, it has developed the world's most advanced and reliable rapid prototyping system successfully. The system operates based on the DLP technology, with the core of selective light modulation technology. The ease operation of this technology makes the EnvisionTEC rapid prototyping system popular in all areas. In the hearing aid market, envisionTEC products have a global market share of more than 60%; in the jewelry industry, envisionTEC's perfactory® products have a global market share of over 50%.

EnvisionTEC is an excellent partner for many world-renowned companies, providing a complete solution for their specific market segments. The company has applied 3D prototyping technology to the hearing aid industry, dental industry, and jewelry industry design. The company has integrated the Materialise Magics envisionTEC software and the Perfactory® software into the product, allowing our customers to operate and repair STL files.

EnvisionTEC is principally engaged in the development, production and sales of computer-aided modeling equipment. The company is committed to the development of high-precision, low-cost 3D light-curing forming printer equipment, computer-aided 3D printing software and 3D printer consumables. EnvisionTEC provides customers and subordinate companies with a complete Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) system solution. The products are mainly applied for industrial design, jewelry, medical, dental and biotechnology.

Suzhou Senhear Customized Electronic Technology Co., ltd has become the general agent of  EnvisionTEC in China, welcome to consult!

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