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Senhear Participated the 18th CIIF

Senhear participated the 18th China International Industry Fair (CIIF) from Nov. 1st to 5th, 2016.


A team, led by Senhear GM Mr. Gu Yi and Specialist in 3D design & Print Mr. Tian Baoxing, took part in CIIF 2016, as the first time to join in such large-scale exhibition.


Senhear shows two parts of products to the exhibition, one is our agent products of 3D printers manufactured by EnvisionTEC 3D company and 3D scanner by 3shape company in Germany, another is Senhear IEMs, adopting the 3D scanner and printer, researched and developed independently by our company.


Senhear armature IEMs are divided into V1(1unit)、V3(3 units)、V5(5 units)、V80(8 units)、V12(12 units). Shell of Senhear ITMs are smooth and have rich colors, including transparent, transparent blue, transparent Light blue, transparent red, transparent light red, transparent purple, transparent purple, transparent black, black, white,etc. The attendees not only can appreciate the delicate shape visually, but also enjoy the melodious music with wide frequency response, rich sound details, and clear sound texture. Music are accurate sound field positioning but not lack of envelopment, with high mid-frequency resolution but not too much modification. Moreover, the innate transient response of armature units, with enough volume and low-enough low-frequency, also with the mid-frequency density, which is higher than that of the previous dynamic units, make music sound better.


The display board of Senhear IEMs in exhibition draws the attention of a lot of attendees, with styles as Chinese style, wood grain and metal sticker.


In general, the introduction of 3D scanning and 3D printing technology is a major transformation of our company from manual customization to mechanized customization. The transformation not only saves the time of molding, but rather keeps the cost down. So, customers can get the same grade of IEMs at an affordable price.


We believe the future of Senhear will be better and better!

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